Divergent Design for the Creative Community
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“It used to be simple and cheap . . . before we had design.”
– Former Client

Intelligent design is neither simple, nor cheap, though there is a lot of cheap and simple “design” out there.
I assume you come to me because you know the difference.

Intelligent design is not only smart, but strategic, exploring diverse solutions from multiple perspectives.
While there is often a simple solution, the process is not simplistic. Concepts, imaging, language, and
other pertinent elements are discussed, developed and refined through various iterations for relevance,
elegance and impact to create design that works conceptually and aesthetically, across media.

Our creative process is collaborative and individual. It begins with a conversation to determine the intent,
scope, and ambition of our work together. Project analysis determines the need for additional collaborators
with complimentary skills, including photographers, copy writers or other specialists. This conversation results
in a brief and a bid which outlines project objectives, responsibilities, budget and technical aspects, as well
as a timetable for deliverables. An initial round of concepts is presented to determine fruitful directions and
team feedback leads to revisions, refinements, or new ideas, followed by a second round of iterations.
The process may repeat for further refinements until we achieve our objectives. While consensus is desirable,
design by committee is not what you are paying for. We deliver effective, and compelling solutions,
on time and on budget.